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A senior Crown manager rejected an application to combat the risk of money trafficking in casinos

Crown Resorts' director of corruption and money trafficking has tried to get more people into his team.
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This request was criticized and denied.

The Royal Commission for Victoria received a message from Nick Stokes. Stokes has been in charge of the Financial Crimes Unit since November 2019.

He said that from the moment he was appointed to this position, the casino was already like this and that financial crimes had already taken place there.

This is not surprising, since junket vendors are supported by both large criminal groups and small drug trafficking syndicates.This is stated in last year's investigation.

Stokes tried to settle everything peacefully and even talked for a long time with the chief attorney of the Crown, Joshua Preston.

The report to Preston was ready in no time. Stokes has extensive experience in combating money laundering and has a reputation for being a leader in this area. He asked for additional anti-fraud resources by hiring new employees. Preston flatly refused him.

But recently, there have been some positive developments at the Crown. Last year, 3 people worked in the financial fraud department, and now Preston has already hired 20 people. The staff is planning to expand.

Stokes was very pleased with this news because he spent 18 months working with Crown.

However, the Royal Commission of Victoria did not share such joy. Counselor Penny Neskovchin believes the Crown is deliberately oblivious to problems. He also said that the casino is specifically trying to pretend that it is fighting fraud.

The Crown responded with a letter:

"Crown Resorts Limited and Crown Melbourne Limited each confirm that they have discontinued their junket business with international tour operators and terminated their relationship with junket tour operators."

In November 2020, Crown promised to terminate contracts with all junket operators until regulators lifted the ban.

Publication date: May 20, 2021, 11:26 UTC

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